pneumatikos definition

contrasting the present body, which is a psychikos, with the other body, which is a pneumatikos.
belonging to the air
pertaining to the wind or breath; windy, exposed to the wind, blowing


pneumatic bone
pneumatic caisson
pneumatic dril

pneumatic duct
pneumatic hammer
pneumatic pile
pneumatic tire

pneumatic trough
pneumatic tyre



/n??mÊt?k, ny?-/ [noo-mat-ik, nyoo-]

a vehicle having wheels with such tires.

pertaining to air, breath or wind, equiv. to pneumat- (s. of pne˚ma; see pneuma) + -ikos -ic]

pneu-mat-i-cal-ly, adverb

/?num??t?s?ti, ?nyu-/ Show Spelled [noo-muh-tis-i-tee, nyoo-]

pneumatic component

pneumatics automations

or other gases

using compressed air: a pneumatic drill.
Filled with air, especially compressed air:†

Having cavities filled with air, as the bones of certain birds.†


(n??'m?-t?s'?-t?, ny??'-) n.

Dingli Pneumatic

"wind," also "breath," from pnein "to blow, to breathe," from PIE base *pneu- "to breathe," of imitative origin.

of or relating to or using air (or a similar gas);

filled with air

worked by air


Arabic: ???????? ????????? ??????†
Chinese (Simplified): ?∂ÿ?É
Chinese (Traditional): ???É
Czech: pneumatick?
Danish: tryklufts-
Dutch: lucht©
Estonian: ıhu-
Finnish: paineilma-
French: pneumatique
German: pneumatisch
Greek: π∂oe∂ë ∂¿∂≈∂Ö∂î∂oe∂ë∂ó∂√∂≈? ∂√∂≈ π∂≈π∂Ö∂≈∂ì∂√?∂’∂oe ∂°?∂ó∂°
Hungarian: (prÈs)lÈg-
Icelandic: loft-
Indonesian: dengan udara
Italian: pneumatico

Japanese: ¯í?ß´?ßÿ†
Korean: ??? ? ??
Latvian: pneimatisks; gaisa-
Lithuanian: pneumatinis, oro
Norwegian: (trykk)luft-
Polish: powietrzny
Portuguese (Brazil): pneum·tico
Portuguese (Portugal): pneum·tico
Romanian: pneu?matic

Russian: ???????
Slovak: pneumatick?
Slovenian: zra?en, pnevmati?en
Spanish: neum·tico
Swedish: pneumatisk, trycklufts-
Turkish: hava basıncıyla i?leyen

the transmission of force through air pressure in pipes or tubes. (n-mtk, ny-)

relating to respiration to a structure that is filled with air.

having air-filled cavities

pneumatic bone